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The Daily Grind: What do you forgive in a beta?

Eliot Lefebvre

If you've logged into the Guild Wars 2 beta this weekend, you've gotten an experience that's very different from what the final game will look like. For starters, the final game will probably not have several hundred people clustering around every single event like rabid concert attendees at all hours. It's easy to forgive that as a fluke and a byproduct of the fact that this is the first time many players have gotten to play the game at all.

Of course, for some players, that experience in beta is going to define their impression of the game all around. Similarly, some players are going to assume that a buggy beta will have a buggy launch, even if by the time launch rolls around, most of the bugs have been ruthlessly squashed. So what do you forgive in a beta? Do you turn a blind eye to the community or population issues? Do you grin and bear missing objectives or unclear quests? Or do you offer no respite to a game no matter how early in the testing you might be?

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