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World of Tanks appreciates the military with a World of Thanks

Eliot Lefebvre

When you log in and play World of Tanks, you're playing the entertaining part of war, the part with cool machines wreaking havoc. Real wars obviously aren't fought by logging in and choosing a tank; they're fought by brave men and women willing to lay down their lives for their country if necessary. Thus, in honor of National Military Appreciation Month, is donating to several charities for American veterans with your purchases.

Four charities -- AMVETS, Homes for our Troops, the Military Families Fund, and Paralyzed Veterans of America -- will be receiving 10% of the proceeds from all American purchases of larger Gold packs and 75% of the proceeds for all American purchases of the T14 package. To help raise awareness of veteran concerns, the company will also be hosting several giveaways through the month. It's a nice nod toward the reality of armed conflicts, and it lets you play at a private little war while still donating to survivors of real battles.

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