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Comixology hits 65 million downloads, lands exclusive Marvel digital deal


We've posted about Comixology's domination of comic book content on iOS before -- it's certainly not the only app that lets you read and even buy comic books, but it's by far the most popular, and keeps getting even more so. The company has just announced that it's reached 65 million downloads across the platform as a whole, which is just a huge amount of content delivered. And Comixology keeps locking down plans to deliver even more -- their latest deal is with Marvel, and allows Comixology to exclusively release Marvel's single issues digitally through the app. That means every single issue English comic that Marvel puts out is available digitally only through Comixology.

This is just one of a few such deals Comixology has worked out to deliver both exclusive and non-exclusive content right through their system. The company has made deals with most of the main comics producers already, so that almost any comic you want is now available in their database, directly via in-app purchase.

There's clearly a market here -- you'd think that maybe Apple would have gone after comic books with iBooks by now, or maybe incorporating them as periodicals in Newsstand. But no. At this point, Comixology is cornering the market on digital comics, and it seems to be paying off handsomely for them.

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