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Apple and Samsung drop some claims but still disagree


Apple and Samsung are battling in a California courtroom over Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets. On Monday, the Cupertino company limited the scope of the case by cutting its patent and trademark infringement claims in half, says a report in FOSS Patents. Samsung responded by dropping 5 of the 12 patents in its counterclaim.

Despite this reconciliatory move, the two companies still disagree about many details of the lawsuit. The two companies are bickering about the ability of the case to go to trial starting this summer. Apple says Samsung is being uncooperative, while Samsung blames Apple for keeping the case too broad. The two companies also disagree about the infringement with Apple calling Samsung a copycat and Samsung arguing it used "innovative, independently developed technologies."

You can read a detailed analysis of these latest developments on FOSS Patents's website.

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