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Kickstart Steam/XBLA/PSN shmup Redux to get a Dreamcast version


Redux: Dark Matters is the sequel to Dux, a 2009 shooter you may not have played ... because it came out on Dreamcast. However, developers Rene Hellwig and KTX Software want to bring the side-scrolling followup to PSN, XBLA, and Steam, and have posted a $25,000 Kickstarter drive toward that goal.

But the developers haven't forgotten their insane drive to keep the Dreamcast alive. If you contribute $65 or more, you'll get a limited-edition Dreamcast copy of Redux, exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign. This is all we needed to clear up our mixed feelings about the Kickstarter phenomenon; anything that leads to more Dreamcast games can only be a good thing.

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