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Dreadline: a game about killing soon-to-be-dead people from ex-Irrational and Harmonix devs


As individuals whose chief export is words on the page, we know full well the power of a looming deadline – oh, wait, it's Dreadline? Well, that ruins our analogy.

Dreadline is a hybrid RPG, real-time strategy title from Eerie Canal, a new studio formed by individuals who have worked at Irrational Games, Harmonix and Iron Lore. In Dreadline, players control a group of monsters who travel back through time to human disasters and kill the humans who are doomed to die in the disaster – one level centers around the Titanic, for example.

Dreadline has been in the works for six months now and is slated for launch in the first half of 2013 on PC.

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