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Blizzard offering refunds for AU Diablo 3 pre-orders unserved by GAME


Just because you're far away from Blizzard, Australia, doesn't mean that the publisher doesn't love you. Case in point: after hearing about the issue with Australia's GAME retail chain and how that could affect Diablo 3 pre-orders (it would effectively cancel them without refund), Blizzard took to action.

On its forums, Blizzard reps explained how Australians affected by the issue could submit their receipt for a GAME Diablo 3 pre-order (purchased before May 15, 2012) directly to Blizzard for a refund. That "refund" only goes through after you've purchased the game directly from the official Diablo 3 site, as Blizzard's handling refunds via whatever payment method was used for the pre-order. In so many words, after paying for the game twice, Blizzard will refund your original pre-order expenditure with GAME.

Blizzard doesn't list the final instruction, perhaps out of kindness, which is to send a sharply worded letter to GAME's Australian reps. More details on how to submit your pre-order receipt to Blizzard will be posted "as soon as possible."

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