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Joy Ride Turbo skids onto Xbox Live Arcade May 23


Joy Ride Turbo, the Kinect-free sequel to Kinect Joy Ride, will be released on Xbox Live Arcade on May 23, according to a new release schedule from Major Nelson. As previously revealed, Joy Ride Turbo features several different modes, including a new Stunt Park, and generally sounds a lot more like the Joy Ride Microsoft originally announced way back in 2009.

If your Kinect is feeling lonely as a result, this week's Xbox Live Deal of the Week revolves entirely around downloadable Kinect titles. You can grab Fruit Ninja Kinect for $7, while Hole in the Wall, Leedmees, Double Fine Happy Action Theater, Rhythm Party and Haunt have been knocked down to $5 each.

If your 360 controller is now feeling double-reverse lonely, next week will see discounts to some old-fashioned regular XBLA games. Specifically, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes will be reduced to $7.50, while Outland and Beyond Good & Evil HD will be available for $5 each.

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