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NovaLogic sues Activision over use of 'Delta Force'

Jordan Mallory

NovaLogic, the developer behind 1998's PC FPS Delta Force and its subsequent sequels, has filed suit against Activision over the inclusion of its own "Delta Force" in Modern Warfare 3. As you can see in the tastefully photoshopped comparison image above, Acti's Delta Force logo (right) bears a striking resemblance to NovaLogic's – additionally, NovaLogic owns a trademark on the words "DELTA FORCE."

"Despite Activision's irrefutable knowledge of NovaLogic's superior trademark rights," reads the complain, "Activision created knockoff marks that are nearly identical [to] NovaLogic's design and word marks. Activision then shamelessly inserted these infringing marks throughout its competing first person military adventure video games." The complaint also makes reference to the various Modern Warfare 3-branded headsets, Xboxen and strategy guides in production that feature Activision's Delta Force logo.

Both NovaLogic and Activision's fictional Delta Force teams are based on the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, a counter-terrorism branch of the United States military. NovaLogic claims that Activision's inclusion of a Delta Force in MW3 has caused NovaLogic to lose millions, and that if "infringing practices are not discontinued quickly, it is likely that the damage to NovaLogic will grow exponentially, causing more confusion in the market place, and to the reputation for quality that NovaLogic has worked so hard to establish." The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and also calls for an injunction to protect against further trademark infringement.

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