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Spirit Tales launching Crisis of Jade Forest next week

Eliot Lefebvre

It's really hard to imagine anything in the saccharine world of Spirit Tales being properly termed a crisis, but the game's newest update is aiming in that direction. The Crisis of Jade Forest goes live on May 23rd, giving players a chance to tackle an extra-difficult version of the normal Jade Forest area with extra boss-enriched goodness. Successful players have plenty of motivation, however, as the reward for completion involves a chest that could contain items normally reserved for the game's item mall.

Groups of up to five players can enter the battle once per day, which fills the area with deadly monsters and 10 special bosses. Successfully defeating all of these bosses will grant the chance to earn both rewards that would normally cost real money as well as other little trinkets. it's also meant to be a great way to level up, so if you're already in the open beta, you may want to consider a look at the dungeon.

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