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The Engadget Show is live tonight!

Brian Heater

Hey, we're back! And boy howdy do we have a fun show for you this month. You guys like video games, right? Great, because we'll be speaking with the directors of the award winning documentary, Indie Game: The Movie. We've also paid a visit to the Smithsonian to check out the museum's Art of the Video Game exhibit and took a look the insanely awesome Fifth Avenue Frogger arcade machine hack. We've also got a look at the newly reborn Chinatown Fair arcade in Manhattan and the month's latest and greatest gadgets -- not to mention an in-studio performance by indie singer-songwriter Alex Winston.

Want to join in on the fun? Of course you do. We'll be getting this streaming party started at 6PM ET, and you can watch us live at this here URL. See you tonight!

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