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Retro City Rampage for Vita looks like this

Jordan Mallory

We may not have any idea when to expect Retro City Rampage on the Vita (and various other platforms), but we're starting to see what it'll look like once it's finally done.

Potential rampagers need not worry about the Vita's smaller screen size, according to developer Brian Provinciano, as the portable version has been outfitted with two different scaling options; one that scales the game to ensure everything is clearly visible, and another that maintains the console version's original 16:9 aspect ration and stylized borders.

Touchscreen functionality has also been "tastefully" implemented, but only so far as to aid in navigating menus and during shopping sprees. "If you're an absolute purist," Provinciano adds, "you can still play the game 100% with the buttons." The Vita version also supports "continuous play" with the PS3 version, meaning that saves transfer between the two platforms and both versions share the same universal scoreboard.

Additionally, the Vita and PS3 ports will come packed with visual filters that make the game look like various systems of yore, such as the all-red "Virtual Burn" and monochrome "Brick Handheld" settings.

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