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All Points Bulletin: Reloaded offers free one-day premium membership with patch 1.8


All Points Bulletin: Reloaded's patch 1.8 is now live, and GamersFirst is offering a special deal for players who want to jump in and experience some cops-and-robbers mayhem. Any APB players who log in within the next seven days will find a free one-day premium membership code on their accounts. These codes can be redeemed for, as the name would suggest, one free day of premium membership, which grants bonuses such as a 20% discount on the new cash-shop items.

The one-day premium bonus makes this the perfect time for veteran and new players alike to jump into San Paro and experience all of the new features of 1.8 and the recently released patch 1.7, each of which introduced a wealth of content such as fight club challenges, new weapon mods and skins, and more. To get in on the action for yourself, head on over to the game's official site.

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