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GameFly to publish iOS and Android games, launch 'GameStore' for Android

Jordan Mallory

GameFly is moving forward with its plan to "help good games get made" by not only publishing said games on both iOS and Android platforms, but by opening its own "expertly curated" marketplace on Google's mobile operating system.

GameFly's "GameStore" for Android is set to debut sometime this holiday season and will cater to both smartphone and tablet Android users, supplying games for both formats. The app will also support social discovery mechanisms such as friend recommendations and ratings/reviews from other users. Whether GameStore will exclusively stock GameFly-published titles is still unknown, but considering that the app will reportedly house "thousands of the best games," we expect content from other publishers to be present.

As far as GameFly's in-house publishing prospects are concerned, the company expects to release its first game sometime this summer. Mobile developers interested in being published by GameFly should send an email to GameDev at GameFly dawt com.

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