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HTC EVO 4G LTE gives it up, gets rooted on its first day on the town (video)


It's a rite of passage for newly released Android überphones: the inevitable root. Just one day after Sprint managed to get its flagship device out of customs and into subscribers' hands, comes a one-click solution for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X users. By running a simple script compiled by XDA member Zedomax, EVO 4G LTE owners will be able to install both busybox and superuser hassle-free, giving them the admin privileges required for nearly unrestricted tinkering. Bear in mind, this underground workaround won't unlock that HTC bootloader, so a future filled with custom ROMs is still slightly out of reach. Ready to claim mastery of your device? Then click on the source below for the requisite downloads and hand-holding video how-to's.

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