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R.A. Salvatore: Project Copernicus would 'blow you away'


The future isn't looking particularly bright for 38 Studios and its in-development MMO Project Copernicus, but the game's writer, esteemed fantasy author R.A. Salvatore, took to the comments on a post on Daily Kos to tell everyone how great the game would have been.

Salvatore claims that the game is "much further along than is being reported" and that he wishes he could show us some of it (though sadly, he cannot). He goes on to state that the developers behind Copernicus were "an amazing team of [developers]... pushing the envelope in their respective fields" and that "the environments, the animations, and the game-play would blow you away." Unfortunately, it's looking like we'll never get to judge the veracity of Salvatore's words for ourselves, but the statements do help to shed a bit of light on what might have been.

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