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Steve Ballmer's Windows 8 rig measures 80 inches, so... does that do anything for ya?

Zachary Lutz

To all the executives out there, consider what you have hanging on the walls of your office. Perhaps it's a fine work of art -- maybe even an original -- but it most certainly isn't an 80-inch Windows 8 computer. That curious distinction belongs to Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, who has eschewed use of his phone, notepad and a more practical email solution in the name of awesomeness (or, perhaps compensation for those lagging Windows Phone sales.) Initially said to be a machine that'd be marketed and sold by Microsoft, the company has since clarified that no such effort will take place -- although the door remains open for independent vendors to step in and sell similar behemoth Windows 8 setups. Unlike most tablets, we've a hard time imagining ol' Steve throwing this one under his arm as he scoots out of the office... but then again, the man can afford some mighty good chiropractors.

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