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Apple iPad prototype with dual charging docks listed on eBay


From time to time, Apple prototype devices will make their way to eBay. Usually, they're iterations of the device's final design, but this latest one to hit the auction site is really different - it's an iPad with two dock connectors.

As noted by MacRumors, the tablet device includes a standard portrait connector and a second one for connecting in landscape. Both ports work for charging and syncing the iPad. It's also running Apple's test software SwitchBoard and has several other markings that suggest it is legitimate.

According to the listing, the prototype was disabled before it was discarded, but the seller has restored as much functionality as possible to the device. The eBay auction will end late on Monday May 28 (PDT) and, at the writing of this post, has 19 bids with a current topper of US$10,000.

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