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Choose My Adventure: Take it back

Eliot Lefebvre

Film trilogies rarely work out well. Either they're a case of a successful film spawning a successful sequel that leads into a try at a third film or they're a story stretched and hyped into unrecognizable shapes after several years. As a result, most third installments vary between "depends on personal taste" and "just plain bad." But here we are on my third run through Choose My Adventure, which means that for better or worse I'm looking at a trilogy.

Let's hope this turns out slightly better than history might indicate.

Beneath the cut are our nine candidates for the next game on the block, complete with explanations about why I've chosen those titles instead of other possibilities. Go ahead and read through the possibilities, then vote for your choice by Saturday if you want to be counted! Next week, tune in for a much more opinionated column as we kick off part three. And yes, the bonus polls are back.

Lord of the Rings Online
Lord of the Rings Online is a game that's always had several features I find attractive wrapped up in a setting I don't find very engaging. It was also one of the first entries in the Choose My Adventure series, which might alone give it reason enough to take the title a second time around.
EverQuest II
The first time I sat in the hot seat for this feature, it looked as if EverQuest II might get the nod. That didn't quite happen. Even so, I'm curious to see if the fanbase for the game finally pushes me to try it after years of ignorance.
TERA is a game that I've railed against more than once for questionable art direction -- and I'm not the only one to critique it for either that or rather lackluster design. But the combat is praised by many, and it's certainly one of the newest games out at the moment.
Dungeons & Dragons Online
I have a history with Dungeons & Dragons. You don't need to know about that, but it's one of the reasons I'm such a fan of roleplaying and RPGs in general. Dungeons & Dragons Online might also be due for another trip through the CMA machine, especially with an incoming expansion.
Champions Online
I pre-ordered Champions Online, played the beta, then cancelled that pre-order. That might be the end of the story with some games, but my love of superheroic games keeps me interested, and the game has changed a lot since I passed on it.
DC Universe Online
DC Universe Online was the first MMORPG on the PlayStation 3, which is relevant to my interests. It's also another take on the superhero genre, and that is also relevant to my interests. Plus, it's DC, which... well, you get the idea.
Runes of Magic
Runes of Magic has some neat ideas. It's never had quite enough neat ideas for me to take the game for a spin on my own, but I might find quite a bit to like in the game if I'm given a bit more motivation to play.
Allods Online
Allods Online managed to hit just the wrong notes when it first launched. What had originally been seen as a free-to-play title with triple-A sensibilities quickly became a cautionary tale about cash shops and endgame content. Things have changed since then, however, and I wonder if perhaps the game is better than it gets credit for.
Star Trek Online
Star Trek Online isn't a game that's entirely new to me, as I played it back at launch. Since then, I've kept looking at it as something old and rather likable, but not something I have the time to play. At least, not unless I'm given a solid push to go back and play again.



Eliot Lefebvre has been choosing his own adventures for three months, but now it's time for him to head back to the front lines of Choose My Adventure, the Massively column where you make the choices about what our writer will be doing each week. Come back each Wednesday for a new installment and a new set of choices!

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