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Curt Schilling posts Project Copernicus screens


The 38 Studios saga continues as Curt Schilling, head of the beleaguered company, has posted screenshots of its long-in-development MMO, Project Copernicus. These are "images from the most magical, breathtaking and awe inspiring world ever created," says Schilling, images he was "'allowed' to peek at along the way, when the team wanted us all to see the magical world we were building."

Schilling also wrote regarding his recent statement that Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee's comments damaged 38 Studios and "scared off" potential investors. Wrote Schilling:

"Everyone has missed the point with regards to the public comments. Their impact was massive, and destructive. The 'leader' of the LARGEST investor in 38, next to me, and our PARTNER, is publicly condemning their partner. How on earth can ANYONE think for a second that is not incredibly impactful?"

Take a good look at the screens in the gallery below. Barring a miracle or an outside acquisition, it may be our last glimpse of Project Copernicus. It's also worth noting that, along with a brief flyover video, these screens represent one of our only glimpses of Project Copernicus.

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