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DC Universe Online releases game update 14, Last Laugh trailer


DC Universe Online's game update 14 went live today, bringing players some delicious player-vs.-player goodness. For starters, the update introduced Task Force X/Suicide Squad to the game's PvP matchmaking, which will allow players from opposing factions to fight on the same team in matchmade PvP, thereby reducing waiting times for PvP matches. In addition, tier 3 PvP gear is now available for purchase in the Watchtower and Hall of Doom.

Sony Online Entertainment is also setting its sights on the upcoming DLC pack, The Last Laugh. The trailer features a monologue from The Joker (voiced by the fantastic Mark Hamill) laid over some shiny action footage that shows off the new Shield power while highlighting the DLC's PvP-focused content. To check out the trailer for yourself, head on past the cut.

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