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Batman: Arkham City 'Armored Edition' headed to Wii U [Update: Includes all DLC]


We already knew Bats was headed to Nintendo's Wii U, but we didn't realize that Arkham City would get a full re-treatment care of Warner Bros. Batman: Arkham City "Armored Edition" is headed to Nintendo's Wii U with a set of new WiiPad-specific controls. WB didn't give the game a date or detail how much extra content (if any) will come with it, but we'll be sure to bug WB for more info this week.

Update: Warner Bros. has sent out a press release confirming that all DLC for Batman: Arkham City will ship with the Armored Edition for Wii U, in addition to the fancy armored duds for Bats and Cats seen during the Nintendo E3 press conference.

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