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Nuance Dragon ID secures phones, tablets and PCs with your voice


Do you wish your phone would wake up when you commanded it to, like Galaxy S III? Well, it's not gonna happen (at least not without some hacking). But, your next phone might just sport the feature, all without having to be saddled with the rest of TouchWiz. Nuance is bringing its powerful voice recognition tech to OEMs and offering them the ability to not only unlock phones with voice controls, but lock them down using biometrics. In that way, it's actually got a leg up on S Voice. Dragon ID isn't a gimmick -- it's a security feature. In fact, if properly integrated, it can recognize multiple voices and open up to custom homescreens for each user. Sadly we have no idea when or where this tech will first show up, but we wouldn't be shocked to see it on both Android and Windows 8 tablets, as well as smartphones and PCs in the near future. For a few more scraps of info, check out the PR after the break.

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Nuance Announces Dragon ID Voice Biometrics for Mobile

Nuance's Powerful Voice Biometrics Technology Lets People Unlock Consumer Mobile Devices with the Sound of their Voice; Personalized Access to Phones, Tablets, PCs, and More

BURLINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced Dragon ID, Nuance's voice biometrics technology that lets people quickly and easily unlock mobile devices and consumer electronics just by using their voice. Dragon ID enables manufacturers to secure and personalize access to phones, tablets, apps and PCs with a simple spoken word or phrase.

People rely on their mobile devices and tablets to hold contact information, text messages, work and personal emails, notes and photos, confidential documents. To access devices, people rely on cumbersome passcodes and pins – or worse – nothing at all. According to a recent consumer survey by Nuance, 96% of respondents stated they often make mistakes typing their passwords on their mobile phones.

With Dragon ID, people can "forget" their passwords and simply create a spoken password or passphrase, offering a secure and convenient way to "wake-up" and access devices. For instance, just saying "Hello Dragon" can securely turn on a device and instantly launch a personalized home screen with favorite apps and content – even on shared devices like tablets or PCs.

Dragon ID brings even more intelligence to a device by enabling it to know who you are by the sound of your voice, or more specifically, your voiceprint. In fact, Nuance's voice biometrics authentication technology is already relied upon by the world's leading enterprises, carriers, banks and government institutions, with over 20 million voiceprints enrolled globally.

"Consumer devices and the experiences they deliver are incredibly personal – and with that comes a need for greater security," said Michael Thompson, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. "Nuance's innovative Dragon ID further humanizes the mobile experience, leveraging a person's unique voice to secure and access their device, and keeping the content they rely on each day private and personal."


Dragon ID is available for consumer device OEMs, initially supporting English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean for Android and other platforms, with additional language availability in 2012.

Dragon ID joins Dragon Dictation, Dragon Go!, Dragon TV and Dragon Drive! as the latest innovation in Nuance Mobile's expansive voice and natural language portfolio. To learn more, visit

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