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Razer unveils Artemis prototype controller for MechWarrior Online, we go eyes-on


Over that past couple years, we've found that Razer's usually good for a surprise or two at any trade show it attends, and today at E3 we got to lay eyes on the latest product to emerge from the company's skunkworks. Called Artemis, that lovely bit of kit you see above is a prototype Razer's cooked up for MechWarrior Online aficionados. It features modular construction with one section housing 12 mechanical keys and sliding throttle input, a central unit housing an 8-inch LCD display (to serve as a secondary screen during gameplay) and an adjustable force-feedback flight stick module.

Gallery: Razer Artemis eyes-on | 8 Photos

Naturally, what we saw on the show floor wasn't functional, but Razer told us that all of the controls are integrated and will be fully customizable -- so key/button combos can be used -- when it hits the market. Razer informed us that, while they do plan to sell Artemis in some form, for now they are simply soliciting feedback on this initial design so that it can be tailored to player preferences before being sold. The prototype took around five months to construct, so with the iterations that are likely to ensue after E3, it's safe to say that Artemis won't go on sale anytime soon. But, the game it's built for isn't even out of closed beta yet, so it makes sense for Razer to take its time and get it right. While you wait for version 2.0, check out our gallery of pics above and the press shots and promo video after the break.

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