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Samsung Galaxy S III to go global on Verizon... at some point


If ever there were a way to distinguish jetset types from stateside-bound citizens, it'd be by the flavor of their wireless network. While GSM and its easily swappable SIMs have long been the world standard, CDMA networks like Verizon have had to offer special global-ready handsets to accommodate the flighty. It wasn't until Big Red's latest crop of LTE devices (see: Droid 4 and LG Spectrum), that the carrier's begun the process of enabling previously inaccessible world roaming capabilities. Now, joining that very shortlist is none other than Samsung's newest flagship, the Galaxy S III. As the operator confirmed to the folks over at PhoneScoop, the feature won't be accessible in time for the phone's launch, but will, instead, come in the form of an OTA at an unspecified date. As if you needed any more reason to run out and pre-order this svelte beauty come tomorrow, the operator's just sweetened the pot.

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