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Criterion tracks a lot of things with Autolog


Need for Speed: Most Wanted is playable on the show floor here at E3 (and we'll have a full preview later on this week), but what interested us most about the demo here is what's up above. There's a circle of eight screens running the game in EA's booth, and above that is a little leaderboard that's constantly updating with the Autolog stats of those racing below. EA used some Need for Speed (and Criterion) specific terms for player names, so "Paradise," "Undrgrnd," and "Need4Spd" are all players.

The level of granularity is really shocking: Criterion is tracking everything from "Speed Points" earned (which is the main leaderboard stat being tracked during the demo) to whether a player is crashing or racing, and even their speed or if they're using boost at any given moment. All of this is being tracked in real-time, and it's then being pumped into a dynamic web page (you can just barely see the browser URL at the top).

This is a setup specifically for this E3 installation – obviously, you won't usually be watching a web page while playing Need for Speed: Most Wanted. But this little leaderboard does show just how much information Criterion is keeping track of with Autolog in the game. Every single element of your racing will be watched and number crunched in real time.

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