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Indian court tells Google and Facebook execs to stop by, have a chat


India and the various powers that be on the Internet have had a bit of a contentious relationship for the past year or so. The primary issue has been censorship, in that the Indian government wants more of it and the giants of the tech world want no part. After originally filing suit against Microsoft, Google and Facebook in December of 2011, the Delhi High Court let Redmond loose from its litigative snare. Unfortunately for the Big G and our pal Zuck, they're still on the hook for failing to block offensive content, particularly that of a religious nature. The Magistrate hearing the case will be issuing summons today, asking the global executives of Facebook and Google to come in and answer for their alleged crimes. So far there's been no reaction from either company, but with both actively working to have the case dismissed we wouldn't be surprised if any response amounted to a very diplomatic middle finger.

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