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Disney troubled over early offering of John Carter DVD by Netflix and Redbox


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Well, well, the warrior from Mars seems to have stirred some problems over in the US of A. According to the LA Times, Disney isn't exactly happy with Netflix and Redbox, mainly because they're both offering the hot-off-the-press John Carter DVD ahead of that 28-day rental window -- granted, the parties never agreed to a deal in the first place, and thus it shouldn't cause any legal troubles. The conundrum started after Walt's movie studio couldn't close a pact with Netflix and Redbox that'd see them offer new rentals after the aforementioned time frame. This eventually lead to the services buying discs off of retailers like Walmart and Target for more than twice as much as they would from the studio, but allowing them to have it up for grabs on release date. Chances are this saga won't end here, though, so we'll keep you in the loop if this takes a turn for the worse.

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