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Apple offers a peek into updated Mobile Safari, Photo Stream


During today's WWDC 2012 Keynote, Scott Forstall provided a peek at new features expected in Mobile Safari when iOS 6 ships.

There's now an offline reading list in Mobile Safari, making it simple to capture web pages for viewing without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. That'll work great during those flights where onboard Wi-Fi is just a dream. And for the first time, you'll be able to upload photos to sites via Mobile Safari. Smart App Banners are another new feature that give the browser a way to link banners directly to websites. For example, if you go to a mobile site like Yelp and there's an app available, a tap on the banner will jump to the Yelp app on the App Store.

Apple offers a peek into updated Mobile Safari, PhotoStream

Photo Stream, which was introduced with iOS 5 and OS X Lion, is getting a nice update featuring shared Photo Streams. Now you can choose to share your images or all of your Photo Stream to select individuals. Also in Photo Stream is the ability to create push notifications that link directly to photo albums so your friends will know when you've added new images.

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