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The Secret World's third beta weekend begins June 15th


While The Secret World's conspiracy theorists have their hands full with the game's latest ARG hook, fans who just want to get their hands on the game again won't have to wait much longer. Funcom has announced that TSW's third beta weekend, subtitled Hell Raised (after the dungeon of the same name), will begin on June 15th.

This time around, players will be cut loose from the confines of Kingsmouth to run wild in the appropriately named Savage Coast, where the gates of Hell have been flung open to allow all sorts of nasty beasties to make their way into our world. Players will have the opportunity to delve into the mystery of the infernal invasion by taking on the newly added Hell Raised instance. According to Funcom, The Secret World "has received significant enhancements since the last beta weekend, with improved content, gameplay mechanics, and performance." To top it all off, this beta weekend will mark players' first look at the updated combat system. If you haven't already received a beta key and want to get into the beta weekend, all you have to do is throw down a pre-order on TSW and you'll be guaranteed entry. So remember: June 15th. Savage Coast. Be there.

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