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Lord of the Rings Online provides guide to legendary items


Lord of the Rings Online's legendary item system is not a terribly simple one, and Turbine apparently knows it. The studio has released a new guide called Legendary Items 101. As the name would imply, the guide is more or less a crash course on legendary items, but for those who are just now delving into the depths of the legendary item system's nuances, it could certainly be useful.

The guide covers the entire process, beginning with the acquisition of a player's first legendary item in Volume II, Book 1 of the epic questline. It moves on to cover more advanced topics such as the identification, comparison, and slotting of legendary items. Legacies are detailed, as is the method of leveling up legendary items. If you're in the market for a quick-and-simple introduction to Middle-earth's legendary items, check out the full guide on the LotRO official site.

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