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Tesla gives Model S Signature drivers a year of free data, reveals their cars' true colors (video)


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Although Tesla has already delivered the first Model S to its eager owner, the fledgling automaker is still offering a steady stream of treats to those patiently waiting for the official June 22nd date. Drivers who spring for the Signature Series trim level of the EV sedan now get a year's worth of mobile data at no extra cost, a bonus no doubt helpful for buyers who get lost on the first drive. Regardless of which Model S might eventually find the driveway in the future, Tesla is providing a look at how it paints the car's chosen color. Each aluminum shell is dipped in an electro-coating solution, baked in an oven, water-sealed and given its final clear coat paint by robots -- no dealer will be charging extra for weatherproofing here. It's all appropriately futuristic, and you can get a peek at the whole process in the video after the break as well as at the source.

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