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Wii U games won't support two WiiPads at launch


At Nintendo's E3 press conference last week, the house of Mario showed its upcoming Wii U console could support two WiiPads at once. However, that doesn't mean any launch titles will support the functionality at the console's launch. In fact, they won't.

"It's going to be well after launch for those game experiences to come to life," Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told Gamasutra. He explained that developers would need to figure out how to use a second screen on the WiiPad before incorporating a third. If only there were an example from days of future's past to reference.

Fils-Aime said the "next major step forward" is learning asymmetric gameplay for the Wii U, like active play was for the Wii. After that "there will be multiple experiences that have two" WiiPads.

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