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Judge puts Apple vs. Motorola hearing back on deck, asks the two to put up or shut up


Well, we did ask you to "tune in next week." Just seven days after he tentatively dismissed one of Apple's patent lawsuits against Motorola, Judge Richard Posner has given both sides a chance to prove their cases are worthwhile in a hearing on June 20th. As both sides are claiming damages, Posner wants them to explain if and how they're entitled to a payout should they win, including the possibility of a modest royalty instead of lump sums. Motorola is getting extra scrutiny since it's using standards-based patents that have drawn flak from lawmakers -- it will likely have to say how it thinks FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) licensing requirements for its 3G patent fit into its claims. The judge clearly warns that progress is contingent on Apple and Motorola meeting legal standards; if they fall short, it's not likely they'll get a third chance. Any success will revive the possibility of preliminary product bans, though, and that's something that most won't find something to cheer about.

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