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Free Realms prepares for The Gloam Invasion, teases Sunstone Valley


Rally yourselves, Free Realms players; the Shrouded Glade is under attack! In the latest update to Sony Online Entertainment's kid-friendly F2P title, players are tasked with assisting the nature-loving Shrouded Glade Druids and the technological Sunstone Dwarves in the reclamation of their home from the threat of the Gloam, which is warping the glade's former inhabitants into hostile creatures.

After players have had ample time to fight back the Gloam in the Shrouded Glade, players will be rewarded with a bit of a respite in the bright and sunny home of the Dwarves, Sunstone Valley. The dusty crags of Sunstone will bring myriad new activities for players, such as fighting in the Rumbledome, exploring the wilderness, or just relaxing at a shady oasis. To get an early look at the two new additions, check out the Free Realms official site.

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