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Kodak loses ruling in patent fight with Apple


Struggling camera and film pioneer Kodak is going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While it deals with angry creditors, the company is also juggling a legal battle with Apple over the rights to several patents in its patent portfolio. According to Bloomberg, Kodak recently was handed a setback in its fight with Apple when US Bankruptcy Judge Allan Gropper told the camera maker the dispute would be processed as part of the bankruptcy proceedings and won't be fast tracked by the court.

"An adversary proceeding will permit the parties to raise issues in an orderly and expeditious fashion and preserve all of their just rights," Gropper said in a hearing on Wednesday.

The dispute involves imaging patents that Apple says it should own. The patents, Apple claims, are derived from technology it shared with Kodak when it worked with the camera company on the QuickTake 100, an early digital camera Apple sold in 1994. Apple says Kodak misappropriated this technology and patented it without Apple's consent. Kodak, however, claims it owns the patents and want to sell them to raise money for its bankruptcy proceedings.

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