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Star Trek Online updates players on the next two seasons in State of the Game letter

Eliot Lefebvre

When a game goes free-to-play, the development team has to change up its priorities. Star Trek Online changed up the leveling path when the business model was changed, giving players new and old an easier path to higher levels. But now that players are at the endgame, what comes next? The newest State of the Game letter addresses that, looking to the next two updates as major improvements for players looking to take on new projects.

Season 6 is almost ready for live, and it's bringing along fleet starbases and group projects to help keep players involved. Season 7 is aimed at introducing the Tholians to the game and a new sector, giving players a new form of story-based content without specifically using the Featured Episode system that's previously been employed. This is just scratching the surface of what's available, of course, so players should take a look at the full letter to get a better idea of where the game is heading over the next several months.

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