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Help a newbie with RIFT's upcoming mentoring system


RIFT fans are surely excited about the game's upcoming patch 1.9, which will bring a number of new features, such as the three-way conquest PvP mode, to the popular fantasy title. The mentoring system allows players to scale their levels down so they can play with lower-level teammates while still receiving XP and rewards comparable to their true levels.

Trion Worlds has designed the system to be easy to use: If you want to drop your level to match someone else's, simply invite that player to a party, right-click on his character's portrait, and voila. In addition, if you join a random instant adventure group, you will automatically be lowered to the appropriate level. And remember, you do continue to gain level-appropriate rewards and XP even when your level has been lowered by the mentor system. For instance, if your character is level 45 but you're mentored down to say, level 30 to play with a friend, you'll continue to gain XP suitable for a level 45 character, and you'll always be rewarded with the appropriate variety of sourcestone. For the full details on the game's upcoming mentoring system, head on over to the RIFT official site.

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