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Wipeout HD and Fury come to Vita as 2048 DLC, free if you already have them on PS3


Wipeout HD and its Fury expansion are moving (at futuristically high speeds, we assure you) from PS3 to Vita today, in the form of two DLC packs for Wipeout 2048.

The $7.99 "Wipeout HD Add-On Pack" adds the single-player mode from that game along with all the online tracks, 12 new ships, and PS3/Vita cross-play for 12 tracks not previously included in 2048. The $7.99 "Wipeout HD Fury Add-On Pack" adds 12 more tracks, another campaign, and 24 more ships.

If you want to buy them both together, you can do so in a $12.99 bundle. Or, if you already happen to own one or both games on PS3, you can just download the Vita DLC for free. Conversely, if you buy one or both of these, you can get the PS3 versions for free.

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