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Sign up the kids for Apple Summer Filmmaking Camp


If you somehow missed out on the chance to become the next big filmmaker, it's time to get the kids pointed in the right direction so they can thank you when they win their Oscars in a few years. Apple's offering free summer camps for kids 8-12 at retail outlets in which the kids learn how to use iMovie and GarageBand to create their masterpieces.

The camps, which begin on July 23 and extend through late August at some locations, consist of two 90-minute weekday sessions where the kids film, edit and score their cinematic efforts, and an optional Saturday "Apple Camp Film Festival" where kids can show off their work to family and friends. Some stores are offering up to a dozen camp sessions to accommodate as many future Apple customers as possible.

As in the past, the summer camps are expected to fill up quickly, so sign up as soon as possible to ensure a place for your budding Spielbergs. The camps are currently available for signup in the United States and Canada, with European, Chinese, and Japanese sites expected to add signup pages soon. Australian kids will need to wait until September to go to camp.

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