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Miiverse cares not for your Twitter and Facebook accounts, won't work with either


Miiverse may be Nintendo's latest baby step toward embracing the modernity of social media, but that doesn't mean it's actually going to integrate with modern social media. GamesIndustry reports Nintendo has confirmed its Miiverse won't play nice with Facebook nor Twitter. The long-term plan is to allow Miiverse access sometime after the Wii U launch from devices such as 3DS, smartphones and PCs.

"On the Wii U we do have additional reasons for connecting, we talked about things like the video chat system, nothing revolutionary but it's going to be convenient, it's going to be easy," said Nintendo of Europe's Laurent Fischer. "The community will be the Wii U owners, who will have this common interest for video games and our expectation about that is it's going to be a way to enhance the idea of sharing information on the video game."

Remember that Miiverse is also on a potential 30-minute communications delay due to family friendly moderation. At least we know Nintendo is doing its best to keep another console generation of children safe from the big, bad internet.

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