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Breakfast Topic: What is your character's backstory?


I haven't roleplayed in a while -- and I have never done it on a regular basis -- but most of my characters (yeah, altitis) have backstories. To be more accurate, my adventurers have motivations. I have more fun when my character has a reason for what she is doing, even though I'm the only one who knows about it.
  • Roblinator the goblin Shamanator She has no interest in becoming a better shaman. Boring! She just wants to host parties and hang around with Sassy when she gets the chance.
  • Robiness the tauren druid Her name used to be Freja, and she is still that in her heart. She enjoys her friends but really likes to travel the world alone. She gets the most pleasure from solitary archaeological digs.
  • Boadicea the blood elf paladin She misses the days of holding a Naaru captive in a basement and stealing his energy to fuel her paladin skills. Evil. Boadicea loves killing, but she will heal someone helping her kill -- if necessary.
  • Robinemia the Forsaken mage She went a little, well, insane trying to please her tormentors. So now all she does is hang out at the Auction House and reminisce about what it used to be like to feel.
  • Peenk the gnome rogue She used to be somebody! Now she just sleeps in the shadows of Ironforge, smelling of ale and regret.
  • Qila the draenei mage This goody-two-shoes light stuff is for weaklings. It's all about magic, baby!
If you RP, I know you have backstories -- spill 'em. If you don't roleplay, do you still have histories and/or personalities made up for your characters? If so, what are they?

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