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Facebook to launch "faster" iPhone app in July


Let's face facts here: Facebook's iOS app is terrible. Seriously -- it's slow, the navigation is practically nonsensical, and I've even left messages and "likes" on the app that have never showed up on the big blue social network itself. It's probably the worst app I regularly use on my iPhone.

The New York Times agrees, and they've gotten a few Facebook engineers to promise, off the record, that the next version of the app will be better. It's being rebuilt in native Objective-C (the current app mostly uses HTML5), it'll be faster, and it'll actually work the way it's supposed to work, letting you use Facebook as normal from your iPhone.

Unfortunately, this update, coming next month, is just a behind-the-scenes revamp, so my issues with navigation are still going to be valid. But it's good to hear that even Facebook (off the record, at least) admits it has a problem. For those of us who do use Mark Zuckerberg's project, it's good to hear that work is being done.

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