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Guild Wars 2 announces launch date of August 28, 2012


It's official: Guild Wars 2 is almost ready. And that means ArenaNet has finally announced a release date for real and for true: August 28th, 2012. And this one's officially official, according to a new video released moments ago (which you can watch after the cut).

So you can stop refreshing Amazon, you can stop moping in the comments every time we post about Guild Wars 2, and you can stop trying to budget your summer play schedule around your best guesstimates for when you'll need to stock your fridge and call in sick to work. Sit back and enjoy the remaining beta weekends and the hype because (most) games launch only once!

[Edit: There's also a blog post up from Mike O'Brien announcing the final beta test as July 20th through 22nd.]

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