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Samsung brings out WB100 camera with 26x lens for zoom-loving Brits


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Samsung has been quiet on the superzoom camera front, but it's leaping back into the fray with the WB100. The camera doesn't have the longest zoom we've seen, but with a 26x lens and a wide-angle 22.3mm minimum zoom, odds are that just about anything you come across during vacation will fit into the frame. A choice to use AA batteries instead of a lithium-ion pack also emphasizes that focus on travelers. We're otherwise looking at a very deliberately middle-of-the-road camera with a 16-megapixel sensor, ISO 80 to 1,600 sensitivity (3,200 if you like 3-megapixel photos) and 720p movie making. The company doesn't have pricing, nor word as to which countries get the WB100 treatment outside of the UK -- for now, you're most likely to see this camera slung around a suntanned British neck in Ibiza.

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New bridge camera captures stunning detail with 26x Optical High Zoom and 22.3mm ultra wide angle lens

London, UK – June 29th, 2012: Today Samsung announced the WB100, the latest addition to the prestigious WB series, known for delivering superior image quality in compact form. The WB100 is perfect for shooting dynamic images and capturing the smallest detail in stunning 16MP clarity.

The WB100 is the perfect travel companion, ideally designed to capture everything from the up-close detail of inspiring architecture, to impressive landscapes and scenery. The 26x Optical High Zoom lens and 22.3mm ultra wide-angle lens ensure flawless detail, while shaky shots are instantly altered with the Dual Image Stabilisation (OIS + DIS) function. With 720/30pHD video recording, users can enjoy high-quality playback on the latest high-definition displays, whilst 3D photo capture and Live Panorama Mode bring 3D images and panoramic views to life.

Not only does the WB100 deliver superior quality images but it is also easy to use. Its easily-navigated menu screen makes it a versatile camera, designed to capture clear and beautiful photos with ease. Available in Black or Red, it is a stylish camera with a range of creative features including Smart Filter and Magic Frame, designed to enhance image quality along with the shooting experience. The soft hand grip combined with the metallic design gives it a sleek and seamless look.

Combining high image performance, creative functionality and style, the WB100 is the ideal camera for those looking to capture their world in perfect detail.

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