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Set your sights on Halo 4 multiplayer map 'Longbow'


What is it about shooting expensive cyborgs in the snow that is so gosh-darn appealing? We have fond memories of performing murders in Sidewinder and Snowbound, and now Halo 4 continues the snowy tradition with Longbow.

Longbow is a map located in the northern polar region of the planet Concord, specifically designed to showcase one of Halo 4's new game modes – but 343 isn't talking specifics yet. "Each side is a very similar plan and path, but distinct enough to get a peripheral sense of being in a distinct 'zone' in the map," the blog post on Halo Waypoint explains. Longbow supports both traditional on-foot combat modes and more grand vehicle-based skirmishes.

If you want to check out Longbow before anyone else, Microsoft will be showcasing it during the Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, Texas on July 7 and 8, where the public will be able to get their first glimpse at War Games, the competitive multiplayer side of Halo 4.

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