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Hotline Miami isn't going to do much for Florida tourism


Jonatan "Cactus" Söderström, rapid-fire game designer, is working with bus-driving publisher Devolver Digital to bring players to a nightmare alternate-universe retro Miami.

Developed by Dennaton Games, a new collaborative label by Cactus and Dennis Wedin, Hotline Miami is a brutally violent top-down action game set in a pixelated and neon-colored version of Miami, in which the player can collect "25 game-altering masks." It's due for PC and Mac, with unspecified plans for console adaptations.

In case you were wondering, yes, Devolver has set up a real hotline, and it's at 786-519-3708. You will be asked to leave a message. You will probably also be creeped out.

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Gothenburg, Sweden – Prolific developer Jonatan Söderström and graphic artist Dennis Wedin have announced their newest game collaboration Hotline Miami will be released under their new joint label Dennaton Games and published by shady game cartel Devolver Digital.

"Dennis Wedin and I have collaborated on some unique projects before but with Hotline Miami we wanted to take our game design to the next level and create an experience that people would think about long after they've stopped playing," said developer Jonatan Söderström.

"Hotline Miami is a gritty homage to the 80s, with a storyline as bizarre as it is emotional. We feel that we've made a game where both the action packed arcade gameplay and a mystifying plot full of twists will keep people glued to their seats throughout the whole experience," added Dennaton partner Dennis Wedin.

Step into the neon-soaked underground of 1980s Miami as bizarre messages on your answering machine seem to be urging you to commit terrible acts of violence – but will you obey? Hotline Miami overflows with raw brutality and skull crushing close combat as you find yourself outgunned and using your wits to choreograph your way through impossible situations. An unmistakable visual style, a driving soundtrack, and a surreal plot that will have you question your own thirst for blood. Bash and blast through over 20 multiscreen levels with 35 unique weapons and collect 25 game-altering masks in one of the darkest and most unusual independent games on the scene.

The hotline itself can be reached at +1 786 519 3708 or @HotlineMiami. Leave a message.

"I was really hoping that Hotline Miami was a phone sex simulator," said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. "The world is ready for an asynchronous phone sex simulation game. Trust me."

Hotline Miami is set to murder your PC and Mac soon with plans for console versions underway. Visit for more on the game and for more on the collaboration between Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin.

Hotline Miami will be available to play at the Rezzed game show July 6 – 7 in Brighton, England.

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