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Nokia Lumia 910 pops up in developer tool, has us chasing phantoms


The often rumored Nokia Lumia 910 has proven to be an ephemeral spirit so far. If the company's Remote Developer Access tool is an indicator, though, it may become corporeal before too long. A Nokiapoweruser reader has spotted the phone's name hanging out as one of the selectable devices. Unfortunately, we're not getting much more than that: there's no hardware specifications lurking about that we know of. Earlier rumors had it being a slight spin on the Lumia 900 with a 12-megapixel camera and even a Verizon edition, but the lack of hard evidence outside of the name may leave us all wondering for some time yet as to what Espoo's flagship might get in a refresh. We won't be shocked if any future overhaul waits for Microsoft's latest and greatest platform to arrive.

[Thanks, Nish]

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