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New MechWarrior Online Q&A focuses on weapons and environments

Eliot Lefebvre

Piranha Games has answered another round of community questions about MechWarrior Online, and as with previous answer sessions, the new information focuses on some of the fine details of the game's design. Perhaps the most saddening one is the confirmation that 'Mechs will react to destruction simply by collapsing or possibly suffering several small internal explosions rather than the enormous fireballs of death seen in some of the other games in the franchise.

There is, however, confirmation that some of the structural aspects of your 'Mech will come into play during battles. 'Mechs with higher-mounted weapons will be able to shoot over certain environmental obstacles that others cannot, while those with higher viewports will be able to see more easily through larger environments. This may come into particular relevance in urban environments, a long-time staple of the MechWarrior franchise -- and it's confirmed that there will be appropriately huge and sprawling cities. Take a look at the full answers for more details as well as some clarifications on the workings of pulse lasers.

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