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Rockstar Vancouver studio closed, staff asked to join new facility in Toronto


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You know what they say: Every time a window Vancouver studio closes, a door Toronto studio opens. Well maybe that's not how the saying goes, but tell that to Rockstar; the company has closed up its Vancouver, Canada facility, and opened up a new facility in Oakville, Ontario for Rockstar Toronto.

The Vancouver staff, which numbers around 35 and was last seen working on Max Payne 3, is being given the option of joining Toronto, or a different Rockstar studio.

The new Toronto facility, says Rockstar, is being built in conjunction with a deal from the Ontario government, though specifics on how much the deal is worth weren't available. Rockstar says the combined Canadian team will grow even further, with as many as 50 people being hired on in the future. As for the Vancouverites – we hope they're flexible on location. Otherwise, we wish them well wherever they end up next.

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